What is Hive Managed Table

Hive Managed Table is internal hive table and its schema details are managed by itself using hive meta store.



  • Managed Table data will be lost if we drop the table hence we need to be careful while using drop command.
  • If you want to know the difference between External and Managed hive table click this link.

How to Create Hive Managed Table?

Let us create a table called Student with following fields.

Hive Managed table fields will be stored in to hive meta store and the associated data will be stored into HDFS File system under below folder path:


Once after we created STUDENT hive managed table, we will not have data unless we load data from the file that we have at our local file system.

How to LOAD Data into Hive Table?

Use the following Hive Query Language to load the data from your Local file system to Hive managed table.

How to SELECT Hive Table?

Let us check whether the data has been loaded correctly by selecting the rows from STUDENT Table.

How to DROP Hive Table?

If we drop the Hive table the data associated to that table will be deleted from HDFS.

if i try to select the values, you will get the following error.

Practical Class Room Video

Here is the demonstration of all the above mentioned Steps in a single video.


External Reference

  • Apache Hive website : [ Link ]¬†
  • Programming Hive Book

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