What is Apache Pig?

Pig is a Hadoop Extraction Transformation Load (ETL) Tool. people in the IT industry are using it for Big Data Log Analysis, If you know Python, R, Scala Programming Language then Apache Pig will be very  very easy to learn.



Pig Programming is easier than Java and Apache Hive Queries on Hadoop Distributed File system, Because Pig Process the Large Data sets and makes them into small data sets before we actually print them or store into any other systems for example ( HDFS, Hive, Hbase…etc).

Since it is Very easy to Learn and Program, Real world Hadoop developer prefer to use Pig than JAVA Map Reduce or Hive Programming.

Apache Pig Useful Link

  • Apache Pig Video Tutorials 
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  • Apache Pig Tools are here 

Apache Pig Books:

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  • Hadoop Definitive Guide