Sqoop Import RDBMS Table into HDFS

  • Before moving the RDBMS Table data from Relational data base to Hadoop HDFS, We need to ensure whether table along with the data exists or not.
  • use SQOOP IMPORT to import the Relational table data into HDFS.

For example:

Practical Steps

Let us practically try with an example for this scenario.

Step 1: Log in to Mysql database:

Step 2: Create a Database called StudentInfo.

Step 3: Use the newly created Databases

step 4: Create a table called student in Mysql

step 5: Insert values into student using Mysql INSERT command and then using select check whether the values are properly inserted or not.

Step 6: Use SQOOP IMPORT to import the above RDBMS table into HDFS

Use the following SQOOP IMPORT command :

You can see the SQOOP Import execution like something below.

Now let us see the output on our Command shell:


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