How to create Hive ORC table ?

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  • ORC stands for Optimized Row Columnar Format.
  • It is used to achieve higher compression rate and better query optimization.

Its very easy to create ORC table from existing NON-ORC table that has already Data in it.We will see how to practice this with step by step instructions.

Creating NON-ORC Table

First let us Non-ORC table as STUDENT, It is easy that we no need to specify that this table is ORC,
by default all the tables that we create are non-orc tables.

LOAD DATA from local file system to Non-orc Table

Using LOAD DATA INPATH hiveql, we can load the data into non orc table.

CREATING ORC TABLE using non-ORC table

Using SELECT hiveql we can create orc table from existing non-orc table as mentioned below.
create table studentORC
stored as orc
as select * from student;
Execution of above query would be something like below

The output of ORC Table Data on HDFS would look like something that is shown below.
ORC Data on HDFS

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